a rare breed

Mr. Lourd is one very rare coonass. Maybe the rarest ever. Most such swampified individuals are quite content, proud and happy to live out their lives in the marshland mists: and deservedly so. They are born Bayou—sanctified by its unique churches and irreverent history. Blaine Lourd was, however, not content. So, he dredged, dodged and danced his coonass self away from his particular corner of the swamp and into the flash world of Hollywood’s gilded gentry. It tore him down and then rebuilt him: brick by painful brick. But he never once considered abandoning the intrinsic sincerity and integrity of the people and place he was born to. The result: a man with the intense loyalties, brutal honesty and deep sense of twisted humor so characteristic of the denizens of the Bayou, and the financial and social sophistication to become—and be— one of the Lourds of Los Angeles. I know and love this man. Read his fascinating story and you will too.

K Hunter, Boulder, CO.