Thank You

We took a contrarian view and had the #BornOnTheBayou book launch party last Thursday night, about a month after its publication date. It was a Louisiana hot summer California evening in a venue where we have celebrated so much.   Six or Seven birthdays for my dearly departed Dad, Harvey H. “Puffer” Lourd Jr., a bunch of Oscar parties, summer barbecues, and many other things.

A New Orleans Jazz Band, led by a man named Hilarion, stood on a bricked patio next to a majestic garden, under a crystal blue sky, and giant palm trees and brought us all back to bourbon street for a few hours. Our gracious host nailed every detail: Southern hors d’oeuvres, purple and gold flowers to put the good voodoo on a fresh LSU football season, Chocolate and Vanilla Cupcakes from sprinkles topped with a small candied “Born on the Bayou” book jacket replica. That’s the lagniappe though, because no party works without a great guest list — And boy did we have one — because when Hollywood screen queen/entrepreneur Gwyneth Paltrow and super-agent/brother Bryan Lourd, put their names on a party invitation– people show up.

IMG_4908I want to thank all my friends who came to the party, and also once again thank everyone who has supported this book with their hard earned dollars, or their kind words of praise on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and on the Amazon review pages.  I also want to thank all of the critics (Bookpage, Kirkus Reviews, People, Entertainment Weekly, Garden and, XOXO, and Publishers Weekly) who have reviewed and liked this story, because I’m sure this post launch release party wouldn’t have been nearly as much fun if the literati had hated it! And last but not least, I must thank my wife, who is quietly behind the scenes of every good party we ever have and once again, this party did not disappoint.